Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission
Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission Highlights

Here’s a sampler of the many good works of Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission.

Mission: “The Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission discovers, celebrates, and commemorates contributions to
    Oregon’s diverse literary and cultural legacy through media, memorials, and public events.”

Founded: 1988, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit since 1993

Discovering Oregon Originals—18 seasons – more than 140 programs
    Oregon Originals programs feature creative figures of Oregon and the
    Pacific Northwest [see right], from the obscure to the famous to the infamous

Symposia & Related Events
    Hazel Hall – first symposium on Hall, linked to memorial unveiling
    John Reed / Louise Bryant Multi-Media Festival
    Charles Erskine Scott Wood – exhibitions, four-day symposium, etc.
    Jim Pepper – concert & symposium with Portland Jazz Festival, PSU Native American & jazz programs
    William Stafford Peace Symposium – co-host with William Stafford Archive and Friends of WS

Labor Arts Forum
Works Progress Administration in Oregon – all day symposium at Portland Art Museum
Exhibitions at PAM, PNCA [right], Contemporary Crafts, People’s Museum/ Bay City, Hallie Ford/ Salem
Waging War on the Home Front w/ OSU Press [below]
    Exhibition at Central Library
    Dozen presentations at libraries & historical societies

    Writers of West Portland [see below right]
    Martina Gangle Curl, John Reed & Louise Bryant
    Dozens of 1-8 pagers


    Hazel Hall
    Charles Erskine Scott Wood
    John Reed
    In the works:
        James Beard       
        Louise Bryant   
        Elizabeth Henley
        Stewart Holbrook
        Dr. Alan Hart et al

Rescue and Restoration

1936 Ed Quigley murals at Irvington Elementary,
Portland [Hiawatha Johnson with George Johanson, right]

1938 Louis Bunce & Clifford Gleason WPA murals
from Bush Elementary to North Salem High School

Literary Oregon, One Hundred Books, 1800-2000
OCHC brought professional expertise
to the book selection and preparation
of an exhibition at collaborator
Oregon State Library on its centennial.

This project set a standard for similar
projects in state libraries across the US.

Finding David Douglas
Filming completed: Scotland, England, Hudson’s Bay,
British Columbia, Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii
Exhibitions: October 2009 – Scotland [draft version]
April 2010 – World Forestry Center [preview version]
DVD and bookings available later in 2012

Collaborators across a broad spectrum
   (a sample of those we’ve done projects with… many hands make light work)
Portland Art Museum Oregon Public Broadcasting
Northwest Film Center
Oregon Historical Society
Portland State University 
Oregon Encyclopedia Project
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Oregon State Library
University of Oregon
Multnomah County Library
Oregon State University
City of Portland
Lewis and Clark College Tri-Met
Reed College First Unitarian Church / Old Church
Tribes in Pacific NW & Colombia Businesses – 50+ regional & national
Galleries – dozens Publishers – 25+ across the planet
Grantors / Donors
More than 50 grants from a wide array of regional and national foundations,
including: RACC, USFS, Meyer Memorial Trust, Clark, Collins, Keller,
Kinsman, Oregon Community & Wyss Foundations

More than 1000 individual and business donors over our 25 year history

Financial Status:
OCHC, a 501(c)(3), is still thriving after all these (25) years.